Crystal Torres Gonzalez

Clinical Laboratory Technical Analyst, Lab Operations

Crystal started with the Village in December 2017, moving to Florida three months after Hurricane Maria passed through Puerto Rico. She began with the lab as an Auto Chemistry Med Tech. After a year…
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Keri Wagner

General Manager

Keri has been with DaVita Labs for over 20 years. She started as an intern with the Finance team in 2001, and stayed on after her internship and through her undergrad and graduate studies…
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Christiana Olu-Coker

IT Business Analyst/Product Owner, IT

Christiana has been with DaVita Labs (then Total Renal Laboratories) since 1997, when she joined the team as a Med Tech in Microbiology. After a number of years in the clinical lab, Christiana moved…
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Robert Kasay

Quality Control & Improvement Analyst, Quality 

Robert’s DaVita Labs adventure began seven years ago when, as a college student, he got a summer job as a Specimen Processor in Clinical Support. He enjoyed the atmosphere so much that he decided…
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Erick Nazario-Diaz

Supervisor, Auto Chemistry

Erick has worked with DaVita Labs for five years. After spending two years at a lab in Puerto Rico, he joined the Village as a Hematology Med Tech I at the former Ft. Lauderdale…
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Priyanka Sharma

Manager, Clinical Support

Priyanka began her journey at DaVita Labs nearly three years ago, serving as the Supervisor of Clinical Support before becoming Manager in 2022. In this role, she leads a team of leaders that supports…
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Kim Wright

Medical Technologist III, Microbiology

Kim has been a DaVita Labs teammate for over 12 years. As she explains, she’d always wanted to work in the medical field and was inspired to become a Med Tech (MT) when she…
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Nicole Stumbo

Director, L&D, Safety, & Facilities

Nicole began her career at DaVita Labs in 2005 as an Administrative Assistant on the People Services (PS/Human Resources) team. This role led to an 11-year tenure with People Services, where Nicole served as…
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Regina Knuckles

Manager, Revenue Operations

Regina began her DaVita Labs journey over 20 years ago, when she joined the team as a Contracts Specialist in Revenue Operations (ROPs). She has earned numerous promotions over the course of her DaVita…
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